Learn to Sing

Learn to sing the songs you love, sounding better than ever before! Improve your singing technique and delivery, guided by a trained singer with years of performance experience. You will learn about breath control, vocal range, pitch precision, music theory, audience engagement, and more.

Computer Education

Have you ever…
Felt frustrated that your computer just isn’t doing what you expect of it?
Found yourself tripping over cables that you aren’t even sure you need?
Noticed that information entered in one place is not recognized elsewhere?
Tried to use Microsoft Office, but just couldn’t get it to do what you want?
Come and learn the basics of how to use your computer effectively!

Modern Hebrew

Whether you are a novice or an advanced learner, Ravinia Tutors will help you move your Hebrew language skills up to the next level. We will help you expand your vocabulary, increase your understanding of Hebrew grammar, practice conversation skills, and build up your writing skills. We can also work on accent reduction. You will focus on the skills that are most important to you, as we provide you with tools for continued language development.


Whether you are studying math at school or learning it independently, we have you covered! Supported by our amazing math tutors, you will learn the math topics most relevant to you, fill knowledge gaps, and develop the skills necessary for your academic or work environment.